A year ago I started writing Lennon’s book, Truth in Grace Notes. I was pregnant, tired, and basically forcing this book. I wanted it out before the baby came, and didn’t want to leave readers waiting too long.

What was created was 60k words of a book that wasn’t Lennon. Was is good? Meh, maybe? It wasn’t her though. When it came time to start sharing the cover, book the editor, book the PR, I just couldn’t do it. I wasn’t happy with the book.

When I published Truth in Wildflowers, I was happy, even in awe at the fact that I’d completed it. I loved August. I loved Kensie. I loved their story. When I published Truth in Watercolors, same thing. I LOVED Wes and Capri. They were magic at my fingertips. Then came Lennon, and publishing time. I didn’t love it, didn’t love her or Milo, or them together, and I decided I wouldn’t publish for the sake of getting a book out. I couldn’t publish a book that didn’t have my heart.

So. I waited. I had a baby. I waited. Finally, it hit me. Lennon’s story. She began to talk, and no wonder that first book didn’t work out because it is NOTHING like what she wants me to write. Sorry, yo. So now, I have begun Lennon’s book again. It will publish almost two years after Watercolors when I’m sure my characters have become a distant memory to many readers, but it will be Lenno.n. That is what matters.

❤ Stay tuned…lennon-gypsie-teaser


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