Truth in Wildflowers Thanksgiving Excerpt

He nodded at the table, “brought the goods.” About ten liters of coke and a giant pile of king sized candy bars sat on the kitchen table. Before I could ask why it looked like he robbed a gas station a loud pounding reverberated through the house from the front door.


I peeked through the peephole and saw a mop of bright red. The second I unlocked the door Lennon pushed herself into the house with her little arms overflowing in bags of chips and peanuts. “Is there a sale at AM PM?” I asked trying to help her catch the bags that were falling from her arms when Wes swooped in and took the junk food from the both of us carrying into the kitchen.


“Ha, you try to find a place to get food on Thanksgiving night.”


“What?” I asked her completely confused about what was going on here.


“Ask your lover,” she said patting me on the shoulder before making her way into the kitchen with Wes. “He’s a very convincing man.” She yelled at me from behind her before I heard her scolding Wes for already opening a Snickers.


I shook my head trying to make sense of our two friends sitting in the kitchen with a pile of gas station junk food when I heard the doorknob jiggle again. I turned in time to see Capri breeze in with a tray of coffee and a bright smile on her face. “Happy Thanksgiving.” She said coming towards me, but was quickly interceded by Wes taking the coffee out of her hands.


She stammered a thank you to him and then came up to give me a hug. “What’s going on?” I asked her still squished in her embrace. That’s when I heard the front door click shut. Capri pulled away and smiled at August who had just walked in with a bag of gummy bears. I had to raise my eyebrow at that making him laugh.

“Just hanging out.” August said looking a little unsure.


“Oh please,“ I heard Lennon yell from within the kitchen. “He called me and told me that if I didn’t show up here in thirty minutes with something to eat that he would replace my Austin Carlisle poster with giant pictures of Wes while I slept.” I looked at August in confusion.


“Damn,“ Wes said in the kitchen, “now, that’s a good morning.” I heard a smack followed by a grunt.


“He called up all of us and asked to meet you here for Thanksgiving Dinner.” Capri grinned at me and then touched my arm as she walked passed me into the kitchen. I looked up at August who raised his eyebrows in a grin at me.


“You called them?” I asked


“ Yeah.” He looked down and shuffled his feet.


“And asked them to bring some of my favorite junk food?” Was he real?


“Yeah.” He shrugged his shoulders and peered up at me bashfully.


“Why?” I knew he and Capri already celebrated their Thanksgiving with his parents, and Lennon said she was going to her uncle’s house. I couldn’t wrap my mind around them coming here after it was all said and done.


August shrugged his shoulders again. “I wanted you to have a nice Thanksgiving, with people who love you and want to be with you.” I lowered my eyes and felt my heart swell to proportions that I couldn’t contain. It overflowed with gratitude and love for these people, for August. It poured out of the corners of my eyes and streamed down my face.


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