Removed Watercolors Scene :Wes and a dog


“Stay right here. I don’t want Brohan to attack you.” Wes wiggled his way into the tiny slit of his door one side of his body at a time. Who the heck is Brohan, and more importantly, I should be worried about him attacking me.

“Shit, fuck Bro. Get down. No. Sit. Down. Down. Down. Down. Sit.” Wes shouted from the other side of the door and I quickly figured out who, or what Brohan was. I opened the door and followed in behind him.

“A dog whisperer you are not.” I said standing in Wes’ apartment doorway smiling at the site in front of me. Wes stood arms wide and legs apart shimmying from side to side directing his four-legged friend.

“C no! Go back outside!” Wes shouted at me, but it was too late. Brohan dodged his master and ambled towards me tripping over his oversized paws. I scurried back towards the door, but moved much too late. Before I could even take a second step Brohan leapt into my shins head first sending me tumbling to the ground over him. He proceeded to lick and clobber all over me as I lie under him on the wood floor.

“Bro! No Bro!” Wes shouted grabbing Brohan’s collar and pulling him off of me. He held Brohan with one hand and helped me up with the other. “C, I’m so sorry. He’s still in training.”

I laughed and let go of Wes’ hand to straighten out my hair and dress. “When did you get a dog?” I asked and Wes’ shoulders fell in relief when he saw how unaffected I was by the mutt. As overwhelming as my welcome was, he really was a cute dog. A puppy obviously, maybe a pit mix of some sort with short ears and a blue coloring to his short fur.

Wes pet the dog’s head and let go of his collar when he lied down next to Wes’ side. “About a week ago. A customer of mine tied him up out front when he came in for a touch up. Bro here was not happy, howling and chewing at his collar. The dude told me he was probably going to return him to the pound by the end of the week. I couldn’t stand that. I mean he’s just a puppy ya know? You can’t give up on him yet. So I told the dude I’d take him.”

I watched Wes affectionately scratch behind Brohan’s ears and the dog looked up at him with squinty eyes and I swear a smile on his face. “That’s really great Wes, really sweet. Isn’t it hard having a dog in an apartment though?” My heart melted and slithered through my veins at the thought of Wes rescuing a dog and taking him on as his own.

“Yeah,” Wes said laughing and rubbing his hands down his face. “Bro gets into everything. He’s already eaten three pairs of my converse and yesterday I found him working on the corner of the wall. The fuckin’ wall C! I know it’s temporary though, just his puppy phase ya know? Most days he’s with me at the shop anyway.”

I smiled at the thought of Wes driving Bro in his car with the top down to work for the day. I’m sure August isn’t around much lately now that he’s with Kensie. It made me happy to know Wes had a new buddy to hang out with. Even if that buddy was currently wrapped around my legs and thrusting vigorously. “Uh Wes.” I stifled my laugh and shuffled my legs to get Bro off of me.

“Huh?” He said and I looked up to find his eyes fixated on me with a stare that stole my next words from my lips. There was something soft in his stare. I’d never seen him look at me in such a way before. After as few slobbery huffs Wes blinked and looked down towards Bro. “Fuck, Bro. No Bro!” He ran over and pulled Brohan off me yet again by the collar. “Dude, you’re a little clumsy in your delivery. Slow and steady yo, slow and steady.”

My cheeks flared with the knowledge of the advice Wes was giving to his pup. Wes giving his dog sex advice should have disturbed me, but I found myself envisioning slow and steady with Wes. Suddenly I had the urge to wrap myself around Wes’ legs and mimic Brohan’s skills. I watched Wes guide Brohan away from me and lifted my long hair off my neck to catch some air.


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