A Truth in Wildflowers Halloween

“How much longer till your lover comes out? I wanna to get goin already?” Lennon asked aiming her bow and arrow towards Wes. She decided to go as Katniss this year. She had Capri paint flames all over her costume turning the black bodysuit into more of a work of art. It was stunning.

“ I can go check on him?” I offered. August was tight lipped about his costume this year not mentioning a word to me. Even now, he had me waiting out here with everyone until he was ready to head to the party at Tommy’s.

Lennon darted her eyes at me, but kept her toy weapon focused on Wes. “Not a chance. With you dressed like that we’d be waiting a lot longer, and I’m not interested in hearing your sex noises tonight.”

I rolled my eyes ignoring her. My costume wasn’t anything overtly sexual, but the concept itself would win August over for sure. I had on red teddy bear ears, a red tank, red shorts, and red fishnets topped off with a pair of Capri’s red heels. I was going as August’s favorite candy, a red gummy bear. “I don’t know what’s taking him so long.” I said feeling my cheeks heating to a shade that matched my outfit perfectly I’m sure. Thinking back to what we were doing, I decided it wasn’t a good idea that I go check on him after all.

“Stop pointing that thing at me.” Wes griped at Lennon from where he proudly stood in the kitchen with a beer in hand.

“I can’t decided if I should shoot you simply because you annoy me, or if I should shoot you because of that costume.” Lennon said letting down her weapon, but keeping a contemplative stare on Wes.

He straightened his shoulders proudly under the scrutiny, “My costume is badass. The ladies at Tommy’s aren’t gonna be able to keep their eyes off me. “ He said turning towards the doorway and flexing his hips rapidly at it.

I couldn’t help the giggle that escaped me at the sight of Wes in his sex kitten costume mock humping the doorframe. Capri shot me a dirty look from where she sat on August’s couch dressed in a silver mini dress, a Hershey kiss apparently. “Don’t encourage him.” She said disgustedly, but I’m sure it was the comment about the ladies at the club that had her more irritated than his antics. God help those women if they laid a hand on Wes tonight. Capri was looking extra feisty tonight.

“You have to admit. His costume is pretty creative.” I shrugged at her apologetically. Wes was wearing nothing more than a pair of cat ears, black track pants with a tail attached to the back, and black Chucks. With the tuft of blonde hair on his head styled perfectly messy, and his tattoos on display over his well-toned body, I had no doubt the ladies would flock. “He may even earn a few new followers tonight.” I said smirking at Capri causing her to huff and shift her glare towards the front door.

“Yo Augustus!” Wes yelled towards the hallway. “C’mon homie. Your girl won’t stop checkin’ me out. I’m feeling a little violated out here.” Wes winked at me and flashed a double set of dimples.

“Shut up Wes.” August’s voice came from down the hallway. “I’m ready. Push play for me will ya?” Play? I was about to ask Wes what August was up to, when he reached over to the iPod on the table.

“Oh god, not again.” Capri sighed from the couch.

Lennon laughed and high fived Wes who was standing next to her now, “Yesss.” For such a tiny little thing that laugh had a way of filling up a place. It had a new chime to it now too. More of a cheerful, truly happy laugh that the somewhat bitter laced laugh I’d first come to know. Catching onto the happy vibe, I started smiling too when August made his appearance.

Genuwine’s My Pony rose above Lennon’s laugh that echoed off the walls of August’s tiny house. He was wearing nothing more than a zip up hoodie, unzipped of course, a pair of loose grey sweat pants, a red baseball cap on backwards, and tennis shoes. My man was Channing Tatum a la Magic Mike.

My laughed joined in with Lennon’s who had added a few catcalls to the mix. August strutted his way towards me rolling his body disjointedly. I think he meant to have his solid stomach ripple, but with his special brand of dancing, they just hobbled.

Lennon approached August and stuffed a dollar bill in his waistband, followed by Wes. August smacked Wes’ hand before he could make contact and shoved him away. “Dude?” Wes held his hands up in defeat and took a few steps back.

“Hey pretty girl.” August smiled and traced his eyes down my body. A shiver followed his stare down, and back up leaving a fresh coat of chill pumps on my skin in its wake. When his eyes refocused on mine the chocolate brown was nearly overtaken by a deep molten color. “I like your costume.” He said aloud, and then leaned in closer. “ I’ll have a taste when we get home.” He pulled back and waggled his eyes at me.

I rolled my eyes at him, but before I could respond he dropped down to the ground in front of me. The move was so sudden I took a startled step back. My jaw lost all control and fell open. There, on the ground in front of me, was August…humping it.

“Yeah buddy!” Wes cheered on.

“My eyes.” Capri whined.

“Holy shit.” Lennon laughed, “That’s your man Kens.” I laughed along with her. Yep, that was my man, my sweet and sexy man.


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